July 2014

                                           IM Atanas Kizov (USCF - 2503) lecturing at the Durham Chess Club on 11/8/14.


IM Atanas Kizov at his 11/8/14 Club Simultaneous Exhibition

IM Atanas Kizov giving a 22 board simultaneous exhibiton at the Durham Chess Club on 11/8/14.   He won 19 out of 22 games, losing only to Joe Costello (seated at the far left) while drawing with Eric Zeigler and Conrad Conero.

                                                    Another view of the simultaneous exhibition given by IM Kizov


                                                                 Group Photo  - Richard vs Pat in right foreground                                      

                                                                                                   Mike and Cameron


                                                                                                          Richard and Pat


                                                                                                      Victor and Mike


                                                                                     Grant (Webmaster) and Zach


Group Photo - Keith vs Charles in foreground

                                                                Group Photo - Keith and Charles in foreground


                                                                                            Doug and Kara in foreground


                                                                                             Jin and Roz


      Phiona Mutesi, "The Queen of Katwe", between her trainer Robert Katende and Conrad  (Club Director and Co-founder)               


                                                                                                               Group Photo


                                                                                                    Klaus and Zach


                                                                                                                  Bill and A.J.


                                                                                               Julio and Charles


                                                                                     Group Photo  -  Philippe vs Bill in foreground


                                                                                                  Roz and Sanjay


                                                                                           Doug and Jeff


                                                                                                          Bill and Kia


                                                                         Group Photo  -  Justin vs Jacob in foreground


                                                                                           Corwin vs Stefan in foreground


                                                                                                       Anon. and Charles




                                                                                                Kia and Eric (Club Co-founder)



           The "Gold Standard" of chess sets, a 19th century Jaques Staunton set, the prototype of the current Staunton design.



                                                 The "Eternal Struggle".   A modern Staunton design set.   Photo by C.Conero.


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