July 2014

       Although the advent of the internet with its 24 hour access to online chess has been a boon to chess players everywhere who in the past might have been hard pressed to find local opponents, on the downside it basically lacks the sociability and camaraderie that can be found in live cross-board play with others of like interest.  It was for this reason that the Durham Chess Club was founded by Eric Zeigler and myself in March of 2009  -  to provide a local venue for those who enjoy regular, live casual play in a friendly environment.  

      We have been meeting every Saturday since then at the North Regional Library, with a steadily growing membership that currently averages around a dozen players per meeting.  These players range in chess skill from beginners to experts.  We welcome everyone regardless of age, chess experience or skill level and are happy to provide instruction to anyone who needs it.  Good quality sets and boards are provided, and no member fees are charged.  Slower, untimed games are the norm, although some players also enjoy quick chess and bring their own clocks for that purpose.  No regular commitment to attendance is required, and you can come and go whenever you choose during our 2 PM to 5 PM hours of operation.  We hope you will find the experience enjoyable enough to want to visit on a regular basis, as a considerable number of our members do.  We look forward to seeing you there!

All Welcome!

No fees.
Sets and boards are provided.
Players of all skill levels are welcome.

Club Hours

Every Saturday Afternoon
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm for casual play


North Durham Regional Library
221 Milton Road
Durham, NC 27701


Contact Us

Club Director
Conrad Conero